An Andean Walkabout


An Andean Walkabout

Concert I

Saturday, August 10th 7:00 p.m.

Turbine Flats, The Resonater

2124 Y St, Lincoln

Feat. Daniel Martinez and the Musicians of Lincoln Crossroads Music Festival


Concert II

Saturday, August 10th, 9:00 p.m.

The Bay

Jarana is a proudly local Lincoln band led by Daniel Martinez that fuses sounds of the Andes with acoustic flamenco riffs, rock beats and the salsa flavor of montunos and timbales. Pronounced JaRaNa (HAH-RAH-nah), it is a noun and verb meaning an event when all ages come together socially in a public place to enjoy and celebrate with food, games, music and dancing. It’s used much like the English “party,” but with richer meaning and more energy.

Jarana is a band built on energetic, danceable music blending South American, African and Mediterranean beats. Shows include Flamenco, Rumba and Salsa styles with complex rhythms and infectious beats and exotic melodies. A variety of Andean and South American folk ballads are sung with conviction accompanied on authentic, traditional instruments. The occasional familiar cover gets a Latin makeover that infuses it with new life making it uniquely Jarana.